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Homeless In The Park

Posted in Inner Life by secretlives on March 20, 2006

How I Felt-Sept13-93.jpg

This is how I feel today: My family is gone – perhaps dead.  I am alone.  I have no connections with people; no one who cares about me.  I feel old and wounded right now; like a dishevelled and unkempt man on a park bench beneath the glare of a street light in the park.  My clothes are old – but clean.  I am discouraged; stooped over with elbows on knees.  I relect on my life and think, “Man, what a waste.  I could have made better use of it.” 

Exerpt from diary, September 13, 1993

Name: John
Age: 43


2 Responses to 'Homeless In The Park'

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  1. shasta said,

    This is how I feel today. Sad for no reason. Until I remember that I heard yesterday that my cousin has breast cancer, and I heard today that an old friend’s child died of cancer. Is that what’s eating away at my mood today? The cancer of grief for threatened and lost life? The hovering angel of death so close, reminding me that this moment too could be my last. Am I making the most of it?

    Age 47

  2. secretlives said,

    There’s nothing more sobering than a face-to-face encounter with our mortality. Gives us an opportunity to take stock, to plan and to truly establish who we are and where we’re going.

    If it’s okay, I’ve republished your comment as a post above. Thanks, Shasta.


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