The Secret Lives of Diaries

Turning To Stone

Posted in Characters by secretlives on March 24, 2006

JeanCocteau 2.jpg


Jean Cocteau was a French artist and writer, who made his name widely known in poetry, fiction, film, ballet, painting, and opera. Jean Cocteau’s works reflect the influence of surrealism, psychoanalysis, cubism, Catholic Religion; occasionally they were opium influenced. In his time Cocteau was a promoter of avant-garde styles and fashions. His friends included such prominent figures as Pablo Picasso, the composer Erik Satie, the writer Marcel Proust, and the Russian director Serge Diaghilev. Here is an exerpt from his diary.


January 10, 1953

[With] the young duke of Kent and his sisters, taken to see a famous illusionist in a London music hall.  The number ends with some nudity, and the nanny doesn’t know what to do.  As they leave she ventues to ask, ‘How did Your Highness enjoy the performance?’  ‘I’m scared.’  ‘Why, Your Highness?’  ‘Mama told me if I looked at naked women I’d turn to stone – and it’s starting.’


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