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Thinking of You

Posted in Relationships by secretlives on March 29, 2006

March 28, 2006 

I think of you, my frolicking friend.  Will I ever see you again?  Will we laugh and cavort as we once did?  What became of our easy friendship, our natural connection?  Was it poisoned by dreams?  Thrust away by a guilty heart?  Stowed away forever in a dusty dark corner?  Will we ever meet each other heart to heart as we did before?  Easily, hungrily, connected.


47 for a few more months


3 Responses to 'Thinking of You'

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  1. secretlives said,

    It must have been a great relationship.


  2. shasta said,

    Relationship….yes, I guess it was one of those. Bad timing though. It happens.

  3. missmonk said,

    “Easily, hungrily, connected.”


    i know what you mean………

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