The Secret Lives of Diaries

Watching Africans Starve

Posted in Society by secretlives on March 30, 2006


March 30, 2006 

Television is the most malevolent drug of the millenium.  It lulls us to sleep, and we drift, imperceptibly, from authentic living.  "What a pity," we say, as we floss the meat from our teeth and watch the Africans starve.

Name: Giovanni

Age: 56


2 Responses to 'Watching Africans Starve'

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  1. shasta said,

    How would you define “authentic living”?

  2. secretlives said,

    Television desensitizes us from the realities of birth, life, loss, healing and death. Within the world of television, the news and documentaries simply becomes another form of ‘entertainment’ (Oh my, look at all the emaciated Africans – floss, floss.). Authentic living requires us to continue growing in our ability to empathize with others. The opposite of empathy is psychopathy; television, poorly managed, engenders the latter.


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