The Secret Lives of Diaries


I’d like to welcome you to this community diary where you can submit entries about memories, events, characters, relationships or any personal experience.  Here you can move beyond the closed pages of a notebook by sharing anonymously with others.

The secret desire of most diaries is to one day be read.  I’d like to invite you to confidentially submit, under a pseudonym, entries that you may want to amplify and expand with drawings, photos, videos and collages.  And in so doing benefit from the power of telling a story that you’ve wanted to share.

You may want to write a letter, forgive, confess, vent, or simply tell a story.  Or you may want to share anger, funny experiences, hopes and loves, losses, successes, erotic desires, betrayals and the multicoloured patterns that make up the tapestry of a life.

The reasons for ‘writing it out loud’ will be as varied as the diarists who contribute.  As the entries increase, a picture will gradually emerge displaying a marvellous human face: the written and visual record of a community.

If you have any questions or submissions please send them to Giovanni Vidotto at .


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