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Posted in Uncategorized by secretlives on April 29, 2006

Went out to a dinner party tonight.  It was a great evening, but sometime during the conversation we talked about the decline of Western Civilization and the ascendant of China, India and South-East Asia.

This is not the first time that I've had this conversation at dinner parties and other social events.  People seem to be talking about it more, and in particular about a potential war between China/Islam and the West.

2012 seems to be the date that is bandied about the most.  There seems to be a parallel between the German 1938 Olympics and the Chinese Olympics of 2010.  A year after the first olympics, war broke out.  Will war break out two years after the second?  Time will tell.

In any event, it seems that the consensus is that the West, led by America, is in 'managed decline' like Great Britain was after the First World War.  What do you all think?  I'd be interested in knowing whether these intuitions resonate with you.

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Posted in Uncategorized by secretlives on March 15, 2006

This site is a newborn and will be under construction for a few days.  Check back – it should be completed by March 19th, Sunday.