The Secret Lives of Diaries


I’ve been a therapist, educator and consultant for 30+ years.  And I’ve scrupulously exercised the principle of confidentiality throughout this time.

When you send a diary entry, you will not be identified.  You’ll be sending your submission under a pseudonym that I’ll post along with your age.

If a submission identifies another person with a combination of first and last name, or if it shares personal information that clearly exposes someone’s identity, it will be returned to the author for editing or be rejected.  This advisory doesn’t include personalities who by virtue of their circumstances or their positions are already in the public eye. 

All comments made about individual posts will be moderated.



Are there limits to confidentiality?

Only in the case of child abuse and intended future harm to others and self.

Why is my age important?

Your post will be more meaningful when readers know the life stage from which you write.

I understand that my post will be confidential.  But Giovanni, I don’t want even you to see my real name and e-mail address.  How do I avoid this?

If this is a concern, please use a remailer that strips your name and address from your e-mails.  Or send your diary entry by postal mail (See ‘Where To Send’ page).

Here’s a list of three sites with links to various remailers:



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